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Upon being made aware that the current Rector is leaving, a parish becomes involved in a process known as the TRANSITION process. All Saints is currently going through such a process. What does that entail? What happens? How long will it take? These and other questions are all appropriate. Let’s take a look.

Before listing the components of the “transition” period it is important to point out that the length of time taken for each part is going to vary, as each parish has different needs and desires that must be considered for the process to be beneficial. The steps taken will be in the following order.

  • Work with the diocese to hire an interim priest to provide sacramental and pastoral services for the parish.

             This is DONE!

  • Send a STATE OF THE PARISH report to the bishop. This report includes financial condition, past years’ attendance records, goals and objectives of the current Vestry, identified problems that need to be addressed and a plan for developing new leadership.

              This is DONE!

  • The Vestry will select a Chaplain for the Calling Process to work with special committees, and select members of the Parish Profile Committee and Applicant Review Committee.

              This is DONE!

  • The Parish Profile Committee is comprised of a combination of parish members and a Vestry member. This committee will develop the survey questions, the Parish Profile and other information to be used in filing a notice that All Saints is searching for a permanent Priest. Once complete, this information will be shared with and approved by the diocese, and then the job opening will be published.
    This is DONE!

  • The work of the Applicant Review Committee begins. The ARC is comprised of a combination of parish members and at least two Vestry members. This committee will review applications, interview applicants meeting criteria in the Parish Profile and submit final candidates to the Vestry for further discernment.
         - Currently in progress

  • Final list of candidates will be sent to the Bishop for approval. Once such approval is obtained, steps are taken to invite finalists to an interview with the Vestry. After interviews and other “getting to know you better” functions with the finalists, a call will be issued for an individual desired for the new Priest position.

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