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All Saints' Ministries

All Saints hosts a wide variety of ministries in which members can participate as they walk with Christ.  Nothing in a church happens on its own, and our ministries are the opportunity for everyone to apply their God-given gifts towards the shaping of our worship and our community.  

Fellowship Ministries


Coffee Hour

Each Sunday, our 8 and 10 am service are both followed by "coffee hour," a tradition which is deeply important to the members of All Saints. Parishioners sign up to be a given coffee hour's "host," which entails bringing in that Sunday's snacks, and getting the tea and coffee brewing shortly before the end of the service. To us, these periods of socializing and involvement in each other's lives are vital to our church community.

River Cats Outings

A time-honored All Saints tradition is our regular group outings to see the San Francisco Giants' local triple-A team, the Sacramento River Cats. Only a 10 minute drive or 30 minute bus ride from All Saints, this is quite the convenient family-friendly event. Getting the group rate on the tickets doesn't hurt either!


Brunch & Dinner Parties

While we cherish our coffee hours, All Saints revels in our chances to really pull out all the stops for our special meal events. Whether it's our Thanksgiving potlucks or our Shrove Sunday pancake cook-offs, at All Saints, you can't spell "fellowship" without "food." 

The Annual Spring Event

All Saints' Spring Event is our big annual fundraising endeavor. Featuring raffles, a silent auction, and sometimes even live music from our own community talent, we always look ahead to this event as a joyful time of fellowship and light competition.

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