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Music At All Saints

We have always taken pride in our music. Our organ is one of the largest in Sacramento and is typically used to play traditional hymns from The Hymnal 1982.  Congregants are encouraged to join the choir, which sings at the 10:00 a.m. service. The choir is expanded for major feasts such as Christmas, Easter, and All Saints Day.

Our Organ

The pipe organ at All Saints was assembled by our Organist-Choirmaster, Scott Nelson, in 1996 using pre-owned and refurbished components. The console, the chests and the reservoirs are from The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, Texas, from an organ built by Aeolian-Skinner from the 1960’s - then considered to be the Cadillac of organ builders in the U.S. The solid state relay, the control system of the organ, was built by Peterson Electro-Musical Products.

The aluminum speaking facade (face) pipes were built by the Matters Co. and casework from a local company in Sacramento. The pipework consists of distinguished builders such as Aeolian, Moller, Reuter, Schantz, Whalley, and Welte, from the U. S. And Stinkens, Gieseke, Laukoff and Bosch of Europe.

The tonal design tries to incorporate several centuries of organ building with the French and English Romantic schools being predominant. The organ was designed to first accompany the congregation in the liturgy of service, second, accompany the choir in the traditional English Cathedral repertoire style, and third, to be a recital instrument.

The success of any pipe organ depends on the acoustical environment in which the organ is located. In the renovation of the church in the early 1990’s, All Saints was determined to have the best music and liturgy in the city. This resulted in having hard surfaces and ceramic tile throughout the nave and chancel and placement of the organ and choir front and center for best sound egress and aesthetics.

Evensong, vocal and instrumental concerts, and other events are held annually in our Concert Series. The congregation is inspired to sing a new song unto the Lord for many generations to come. We love having the largest organ in the smallest space in town! Hold on to your hats!

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