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Life Events

A picture of a table with a bowl of holy water and a branch for asperging.


In the waters of baptism, we are lovingly adopted by God into God’s family, which we call the Church, and given God’s own life to share and reminded that nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ.

A picture of two people in wedding attire with a priest speaking over them, blessing their marriage.


Marriage is the sacramental rite of the church in which two persons “enter into a life-long union, make their vows before God and the Church, and receive the grace and blessing of God to help them fulfill their vows” (BCP, p. 861).


Funerals and Memorial Services

At the Burial of the Dead those who mourn may express grief and sorrow as they share in the community's expression of faith, hope, and mutual support in Jesus Christ.

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