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In 1939 the country was still staggering under severe financial depression. Churches were experiencing a great loss of membership and income. The Bishop thought that by combining St. Paul’s (Sacramento’s first organized church) and Trinity Pro-Cathedral into a single organization, he could strengthen both churches. This plan disturbed many of the older communicants, who treasured the close ties of the pastor and parish.

After much deliberation, a project was advanced to establish a new church outside the city limits on Sutterville Road. The location was chosen to comply with the Bishop’s request that a new church not be too close to the established churches. On one side of the street, within city limits, was the two-year-old Sacramento City College, and on the other side were empty lots. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

The All Saints Memorial Episcopal Mission was organized on March 12, 1940, with a letter to the Bishop. Just two days later, a vestry was organized, then called a Mission Committee. Building a new parish in the midst of the Great Depression should have been near impossible. However, thanks to the efforts of Fr. Hermitage and the parish members in securing pledges from the city residents, the church was fully funded. Since all the money needed to begin construction had been raised, the three lots were purchased. On September 22, 1940, the cornerstone was laid with an appropriate service. The building was finished on January 1, 1941, at a cost of $11,640.

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In March 1942 All Saints applied to be a full parish. The application was accepted by the Bishop. All Saints went from an idea to a full parish in less than two years.

With faith and strong leadership as the true cornerstones of our church, we continued to grow so that by the 1950s we were a well-established congregation. The parish hall was built and soon expanded. This allowed the church to serve as a social center with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts meetings and men’s clubs. A women's group established in the early days continued working hard and raising money.

Through the ensuing decades All Saints has remained true to those foundational elements - living with a slightly mischievous spirit, and responding to the needs and circumstances of the community around us.

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