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All Saints' E-News, October 12, 2023

Our Parish Hall Painting Is Complete!

The repainting of our parish hall was completed in a very timely fashion, so those of you who were here last Sunday already got to see our lovely redone room. Make sure to poke your head in before or after the service this Sunday if you haven't gotten a chance to see it yet!

Book Club's Next Meeting Is At The End Of This Month!

The Intermittent Book Club's next meeting will be on Sunday, October 29th. All interested are invited to read The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. In this novel, set in colonial Peru, a collapsing bridge brings 5 to their deaths. A Franciscan friar watching the disaster attempts to discern between free will and providence as he looks for the connection between them, with a result both surprising and affirming of God's role in our lives. As always, all members of the congregation are invited to read and attend!

Our All Saints Day Celebration: November 5th

Our All Saints' Day festivities are now fast approaching, so here's what you can look forward to for our patronal feast on November 5th. We will have both our 8 and 10 am Sunday services. The 8 AM service will be our standard early service. At 10 AM we'll feature our full All Saints splendor, with an expanded choir, incense, etc. During both services we will bring back the ingathering from last year, where pledge cards are received and blessed. Finally, there will be an evensong performance at 4 PM, followed by a concert performance from a harp duo (further details to follow). Look forward to all the fun! A Webinar From Portia!

Our very own Portia Hopkins will be giving a presentation on evangelism as part of the "Evangelism Huddle" series. There is more info, including the date and time, in the image below, and if you'd like to register to attend it, you can do so at this link:

Food Bag Donation Needs

As most of you know, All Saints keeps lunch bags on hand to give out to any of our neighbors in need. Thank you to all who donate food, and to Marie Duff who prepares the bags. We are always happy to get donations. At the moment, we have a lot of tuna, but could use some other items to go with it. Fruit cups, individually packed crackers and cookies, granola bars, and other snack food are always welcome. Cans of ravioli, spaghetti, etc. also make a nice meal. As a reminder—make sure everything is non-perishable, separately packaged, and able to be opened without a can opener. Thanks! Celebrating Our All Saints' Stories: Connie Monnot

Note: As stewards, we are called to share ourselves and our lives with others. We at All Saints have much to celebrate, including each other. In the spirit of celebration and giving thanks, what follows is the second in the series “Celebrating our All Saints’ Stories” which will help us learn more about each other and our community. This story was posted in full in last week's e-news, and can now be found permanently on All Saints' website blog at this link:

Stewardship Letters Are On The Way! It is stewardship season once again! Your Stewardship Chair, Wardens, and All Saints staff have been hard at work getting this year's stewardship letter put together, and if you were on our mailing list you'll probably have received yours by now. We also have these letters available at the church to hand out on Sundays for anyone who might not be on the mailing list. Once you've filled out your pledge card you can hang onto it for our All Saints' Day service, where we'll have a special ingathering!

All Saints Office Hours:

Tuesday-Thursday: 9 AM - 1 PM

All Saints Prayer List Guidelines

- Names for the list are best submitted in writing or by email, but can also be submitted in person and over the phone

- When a name is placed on the list, a name will remain on the list for two weeks. They will then automatically come off, though they can be renewed. If you want us to continue to pray for someone, please ask us specifically, and we will place them on again for another two weeks.

Please email names to, or leave a note at the office or with the staff.

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