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A Christian Response to Orlando

This week The Rev. Betsey Monnot both preached and taught on the Orlando shooting and our Christian response to it.  Below are videos of her sermon and a forum she hosted on what the bible really says about LGBTQ people.


A copy of the material given out at the forum is available below:

What the Bible really says about LGBTQ people



What Does the Bible Really Say About LGBTQ People?


In the wake of the Orlando shootings, it is time to revisit this topic. The Rev. Betsey Monnot will offer an education hour on Sunday, June 19th, at about 11:30 (after the 10:00 worship service). We will look at each of the Biblical passages commonly assumed to refer to homosexuality, seeking to understand them in their context and what they say for us today. All are invited!

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: Prayers for Orlando

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A Christian response to Orlando

The Rev. Betsey Monnot preaches on the Sunday after the shootings at Pulse nightclub in Orlando

June 19, 2016. Readings: 1 Kings 19:1-15a, Psalm 42, Galatians 3:23-29, Luke 8:26-39


Jesus is Pregnant


Sermon preached by the Rev. Betsey Monnot, 5/8/16

Readings: Easter 7, Year C. Acts 16:16-34, Psalm 97, Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21, John 17:20-26.

There are some parts of the gospels that you just can’t preach a sermon on, and this particular passage from the Gospel of John is, in my opinion, one of them. Jesus is praying aloud, in the presence of his disciples, after having spent several of the previous chapters talking to them and telling them things. Now he is praying to the Father on their behalf, and also on our behalf. Jesus asks the Father that we, you and I and all of those who believe in Christ, as well as the disciples who were with him at the time, all of us together, that we may be in the Father and in Christ, as the Father is in Christ and as Christ is in the Father.

So I hope that’s clear now.

Jesus goes on to tell the Father that the glory that the Father gave to Jesus, Jesus has now given to us, so that we may be one, as Jesus and the father are one, Jesus in us and the Father in Jesus, completely one, so that the world may know that the Father sent Jesus and loves us even as the Father loves Jesus. Our oneness as Christians is how the world is to know about Jesus and about God the Father.

No wonder the world hasn’t seen it yet. Christians are not particularly good at being one, and if that is the way to show the world about Jesus and God the father, the we’ve mostly been going at it all wrong.

Maybe the problem is that we’ve spent too much time preaching, and not enough time praying.

See, this part of the Gospel of John, I think, is just not something that you can grasp by thinking about it. I hope I’ve demonstrated that somewhat–if you’re not convinced, please feel free to take the bulletin home and spend some time thinking about this week’s gospel. I’d love to know if thinking about it gets you anywhere.

I think that if you want to get into this bit of the Gospel of John, the way to do it is through prayer. Not the wordy kind of prayer, with petitions and lists, but the kind of prayer where you sit and seek to be nothing but present with God, as God is always, every moment, present with you. That’s hard, maybe almost impossible, but it could be that during that kind of prayer a person might catch a sense of what Jesus is talking about, being in the Father and we being in him. We’re talking about the kind of mystical experience that cannot be captured in words–or at least not in words that can be readily understood. This is why I say that it’s pretty much impossible to preach on this bit of the Gospel of John.

What I can offer you, though, in addition to the recommendation to pray in order to really comprehend this passage, is an analogy.

Like all analogies, it is flawed. It is incomplete. But it may be useful nonetheless.  Read more

Safe Sheep

We Christians kind of get used to being called sheep after awhile. Last week we heard Jesus tell Peter, “feed my sheep.” This week, Jesus tells some folks in the temple, who want him to tell them definitively whether or not he is the Messiah, that they do not belong to his sheep. Jesus’ sheep hear his voice, he knows them, and they follow him. That would be us. Baa.

Read more